About Us

Keith West

Keith holds a Masters degree in Communication Studies and has taught public speaking and debate for the past 10 years at the middle school, high school, and college levels.  

He served as the Lead Counselor and Assistant Camp Director at various day and overnight camp programs and has been a part of plot development and education teams for the last four years.  

Ariel Bruni

Ariel holds her bachelor's and teaching license in Secondary English  Education, and has been working with middle-to-high school aged youth for over four years. 

As a classroom teacher, she has worked to  engage students in critical analysis of stories and how they connect to  the present world. Outside of the classroom she has worked as a  counselor and volunteer in a variety of camp and interactive storytelling settings. 

Dan Burns

Dan has 10 years of youth entertainment and education experience working with camps and non-profits. 

As a Program Director and Curriculum Designer he has developed unique strategies to teach a wide range of subjects from armed combat to cellular biology in fun and engaging ways. As a community outreach coordinator for educational non-profits, he has a robust background in community engagement and program marketing